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Free e-book Endangered (Your Child in a Hostile World ) by Johann Christoph Arnold

Our children hunger for love. They have two-hundred-dollar sneakers, video games, computers. Some even have their own cars – the bright glittering detritus of two working parents. They have all of the latest toys, but no love. Unloved, how can children love? Unloved, how can they do else than hate…

On calendars, in newspapers, and on the lying lips of pimping politicians, The Year of the Child will be proclaimed loudly and proudly. But after the calendar turns, the newspapers are balled up and trashed, and the politicians cry crocodile tears as they “feel your pain,” our children will still be the castaways of the ship of capital...

it is always children who suffer most for the sins of the world. And that is as true in a “developed” country as in an impoverished or war-torn one.

In a world where the dollar has cast its spell over every corner of public and private life, the most insidious danger to children may be the economic lens through which we view them. To see children as assets or investments

There’s no doubt about it: it’s much harder to give yourself and your time to your children than to work “for them,” to amass money “for the future” – in effect, to buy your children’s love. But they don’t want an inheritance. They want you, and they want you now.

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